Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Soon Come

Its been a hot minute since a live post has exploded on to the screen here at ForwardEver. But fear not: in keeping with the site's main topics (reggae, running,politics and life in San Francisco) I have some devastating posts to unleash on the digital viewscope. Topics will include:

Bush The Second: After A War, What Can I Do For An Encore?

Running Away From Injury: Some Insights From Coaching & Running

A Pound of Flesh: Surveying The SF Cultural Diaspora

and, of course, my quarterly installment of Straight Out The Dub Box,
for you reggae fanatics looking for a recap of the best new singles and artists.

Alll that might not be as entertaining as a site that teaches you how to do a new dance called the The Hungry Ponyor an ex-blog so funny that your tears of laughter will flow into your keyboard and fry your harddrive, but hey, I'll try.

True fact: San Francisco has horrible roadways. If you visit, bring a spare tire.