Monday, May 16, 2005

Reggae Blogists Forward!

My Blogspot searches have revealed slim pickins' in the field of serious reggae blogs--strange, considering that reggae and dancehall websites of all sorts were among the first to populate the fledgling early Internet. But I'm happy to recommend two of the most worthy I've read from a few veteran reggae enthusiasts.

The first is Blood & Fire Label/Soundsystem selector and Rough Guide To Reggae author (among his decades long list of credits) Steve Barrow's Microphonic site, which is in its early stages, but brimming with news and information you won't read elsewhere. It's already joined my "first clicks" list, so I can behold daily what new facts and music will be revealed by the charming, North London geezer.

A second excellent site is by Wayne Marshall (NOT the dancehall singer from Elephant Man's camp--but the Brown University professor). WayneAndWax not only gets the award for cleverist blog name pun, but will help you dissect the myriad social and political intricacies of Jamaican music in an entirely down-to-earth and often sarcastically humorous tone. Browse around the site a bit and link the links--the man's been busy squarepushing, lived in Yard for a spell, and has the proper "real" website to be indulged in as well.

If you know of a dope reggae blog that can tell the difference between Macka Diamond and Macka B, between LKJ and LMS and knows the skinny on Supercat, Junior Cat and bow cats...well, just hit me with a message below and I'll list it.

Special shout out to that wiley Brit blokeDaddy Smugg holding it down inna Spain drafting nuff websites for people that matter, like Bunny Striker Lee, Time One Records, King Jammy$ and more.