Thursday, August 11, 2005

Re-Version has relaunched with a great new page layout. The pioneering reggae music community (kind of like Craig's List meets My Space In Dub!) features deep, deep content: literally thousands of free downloadable dub, dancehall, roots and reggae music files--all legal, made by the Versionists production community.

If you are thinking about making reggae or dub on your laptop, this is the one-stop place to go to get samples, ask a question, hear examples of similar work etc. Once you post your work, you can choose to have it rated or have the community comment on its merits. The Forum is friendly and packed with tips. The News feed brings you up to date with music news from the reggae diaspora, while the search engine has been updated and works tens of times faster than Versionist 1.0.

Even yours truly has posted some of his dub works to Versionist. Find my music by doing using Search, for Dub ID in the catagory "Profiles," and then go to my Music folder.

My favorite Versionist producer? There are so many, and great new tracks are posted literally every day. But one guy does stand out. A most humbly and un-reggae named bloke Ashley. This cat's music reminds me a lot of early 80s dub producers like Prince (now King) Jammy, Chemist, Roy Cousins, Barnabas or even the Twinkle Brothers dub works. The man knows his way around an effects rack.

So check out Versionist. You never know what vortex of dub you'll wind up in!