Monday, March 13, 2006

Russian Appeal

All who hate "techno" (pronounced "tekneh" by my Belfast mates) don't stop reading this post. You will love SCSI-9. The Russian duo's new album for Kompakt, The Line of Nine is out soon, and genius. Sure, their personal website is a tad bland–put simply, they spend their time creating music to make your brainspace reconfigure, sans las drogas.

The Line of Nine winds through twelve songs in about 75 minutes and is alternately chromatic and cool, like the reflection of a thousand Dallas bank building office windows, and also subtly romantic. How's that–romantic Russians? Take "Endlich," which clicks and flutters percussively as complimentary synthesizer tones are elegantly painted over the mix like a bronze and maroon colormatched San Franciscan Victorian flat. Mysterious female vocal elements dart in and out as fast as hares disappearing into a scrub thicket.

"Albali" is for listeners who appreciate songs that transform slowly from cocoons to glitter-winged moths by way of oscillating melodic waves and generous blue green swamp sounds. Dub fans will find parallels in the stripped down arrangements and swirling, clipped music fragments that punctuate most tracks.

Look for The Line of Nine on connoisseur playlists shortly.