Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Riddim Hunter

New reggae rhythms come and go in waves, but the last three to six months have been bursting at the seams with all types of fresh one-drop, classic remakes and modern dancehall innovations. So hear wah–the low down on some of the best recent 7” 45 riddim sets to drop. DJs: note the BPMs for mixing ease!

(Disclaimer: the BPM numbers are accurate give or take 1 or 2 on either side.)

Riddim Name (Label) BPM notes

Love & Devotion (Taxi) 75 Jimmy Reily’s classic redone
Lolo Bell (Dill Ox) 76 Sweet one-drop, under the radar but worthy
Jah Love (Massive B) 76 Yabby You “Tell Them About Jah Love"
Trod (Conscious Prod) 76 Niabinghi beat with Jack Radics, etc
Black Cinderella (Black Scorpio) 76 Errol Dunkley’s tune not B. Levy!
Hooligan (Jasfar) 76 So-so remake of Marley’s classic
Big Boss (Secky Wonder) 78 Romantic one-drop w/Lutan, Mason etc
Heavenly (Don Corleon) 80 Rootsy but not as good as Drop Leaf
Ganja Farmer (Powerlink) 80 Old acapellas on Marlon Asher hit
Inspecta (Stainless) 80 Dancehall, rolling like D Kelly’s 85
Sweet Sop (Down Sound) 80 Fantastic one-drop roots, Jah Cure etc
Sentence (Heavy Beat) 82 Willie Lindo remakes Run Run
Have You Ever (Fashozy) 82 Mediocre remake of D. Brown tune
Hold On To What (Taxi) 82 D Brown done right!
Row Fisherman (Blood&Fire) 84 Modern roots artists on Congos track
Keep That Light (Taxi) 86 Sweet roots melodies
I Am The Ruler (Worthington) 86 Studio One version done nicely
Rainy Day (B-Rich) 88 Rootsy riddim, this one a grow’er
The Formula (Shan Shan) 88 Roots-style, good for a couple plays
Halfway Tree (Footstep) 89 Bunny’s “Ballroom Floor”–massive!
Di Tape (Down Sound) 92 Sounds like early-90s Pickout
Foundation (Don Corleon) 92 Dancehall, this one’s tight n’ bubblin
Out A Door (Shocking Vibes) 92 rough dancehall still riding high
Dem Time Deh (Young Legends) 100 Leftside & Esco at it again