Monday, February 26, 2007

Three In One

Just as Oscar-nominated film Babel was three stories woven into one movie, here's three thoughts, apropos of nothing.

One: Well, at least I guessed one right: That Babel would win for Best Original Score. If you've been meaning to fill-out your North African, Mexican or ambient classical playlists, this score, composed by Argentina's Gustavo Santaolalla, combines all of the above with haunting contributions from Hamza El Din, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Susumu Yokota.

Item Two: Not sure how I missed them, but Stones Throw has some absolutely ill podcasts on offer. Their "Thank You Dilla" made a believer out of this casual fan (nuff Common, De La and Slum Village joints in there), and their James Brown tribute has a an original twist that's too good to reveal. Just listen.

Verse Three: On the sing a song of myself tip–I have a new job. I'm trying to raise a fist at The Man and get some young activist writers holla.

And oops, the cat dragged in this nugget: Coming soon–La Bodega or The Global Village Gets Busy, my new monthly at Otis. The jump off: March 29 with DJs B-Love and Similak Chyld.