Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Make A Dif–Here's How

(Sincere Shakur - See him in the Grind & Glory doc soon.)

Regular Forward Ever viewers know that my personal campaign in 2007 is to halt youth violence.

The Bay Area actually has a number of phenomenal organizations working to do just that.

This post will highlight primarily media collectives that you the adult digeratti can get involved with.

Teach a kid Reason. Help a teen make their first movie, or website, or get an email address. There's plenty of skills that we take for granted that need sharing with less tech empowered communities.

Find your way.

Youth Uprising Premier East Bay community center. Lots of arts and media programs.

Bump Records Digital arts, music studio and label in Tha Town.

Youth Outlook News org helping kids deliver the word on the streets.

Utv TV Web 2.0 gets hyphy. An online community doing community development.

Listen Up Great resources and curriculum for teachers and youth media advocates alike.

Youth Movement RecordsMusic entrepreneurship with a musical purpose.

Just Think Media literacy is what their about, educators and others can download and get to work with youth.

The DJ Project They do DJ mixing classes, recording, production, and have on-site break dance and Capoiera classes. Dope.

All the above mentioned are non-profit organizations that work with teens and young adults. If you're 24 or older, they could use your help, experience, time and dollars.