Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Catching UP

Lack of Posts Disclaimer (may be inserted as I see to it in the future):

Ay yo, you know how it goes...summertime, work grind, mini-vacations, club gigs, hibernation, computer-screen eyeball termination...had'ta take that break, y'know?

But ForwardEver is back, with an eye out on new music as always, and runnings in the world. Lets just say that the mighty Rinse FM podcasts have been keeping my ears busy, among other things. If Rinse can't satisfy your dubstep itch, then "itch it my selekta" over to Sub FM, where talented unknowns play the low-Dbs all night.

Some personal news: 2008 marks the kick off of Umoja Hi-Fi Soundsystem DJ collective's 15-year anniversary celebration. DJ Daz, Culture D, Cokni o' Dire, Jun, Stevie G and yours truly promise some aural dopeness on the West Coast in the spring. Club dates for LA and SF are being arranged. You heard it here first!

Personal Dos: If you want to catch up on my day job you'll read some of the best, cutting edge political youth media on the web (in my humble opinion). Seriously: From Muslim punks and anarchist stencil art, to timely education blogs, the latest on racial justice from a young folks perspective and even my interview with the amazing Dr. Jamal Cooks. That's whuts up!

For SF and West Coast dubstep fans: The fall is going to be good for us. Already announced is a DJ Youngsta appearance September 5, and soon come: Chef, Headhunter and more. Its going to be mad, and the Bay is straight heat right now for local talent: Juju, Matty Argon, Roommate, Kush Arora to name a few.

Alright, hold tight. Part two catch up coming right up. Seh so!