Monday, July 27, 2009

Jamaica Jeopardy

ForwardEver has been teaching a class the past two weeks in SF called The Sociology of Jamaican Music. Over six sessions the class has covered the Jamaican music industry through the lens of race, class, politics and economics.

One of our overview activities was that nugget of teacherdom, an adaptation of TV quiz game Jeopardy, whose parodies are famous on Saturday Nite Live.

The class did quite well with the questions so I wondered -- how about ForwardEver readers? Here are five selections from the Jamaica Jeopardy match. See if you know the answers (in the form of a question!) -- send them in by July 31 and I'll post the winning names or usernames! Email to: voltagemusic AT gmail DOT com.

1. This famously Socialist Jamaican Prime Minister was first elected in 1972.

2. This ‘crazy’ Jamaican dub pioneer produced The Congos song “Lalabambam.”

3. This Rastafarian sect is known for strict rules and wrapping their dreadlocks in turbans.

4. This Jamaican woman led slave rebellions and later became one of the county's National Heroes.

5. After Bob was shot in 1976 he went into exile in this country.