Monday, June 07, 2010

From The Wire

In the last 72 or so hours the news and analysis about the Dudus situation (and related topics) from both Jamaican and foreign news sources has been plentiful and revealing. Here's a run down of some especially pertinent views and memes.

The BBC's Assignment program features interviews concerning the Dudus matter in downtown Kingston. (22 min) AUDIO.

The New York Times on Jamaica's culture of "Dons" and area leaders, and who fills the gap when they are arrested or killed.

Al Jazeera talk about Jamaica's garrisons and the gangs who rule them.

NYT on claims of extra-judicial killings by the Jamaica Defense Forces.

The Los Angeles Times interviews former Labor Party Prime Minister Edward Seaga about fears of lasting martial law in Kingston.

And Daily Finance reports on the state of tourism and fears of a collapse of this vital industry.