Monday, July 05, 2010

Skatroniks Revive Jamaican Jazz

Read this excellent introduction piece to UK supergroup Skatroniks on BBC (nicely offered as a Creative Commons article as well!)

Of course we also love the fact that the band feature a song titled "Forward Ever" on their new album Skalsa #1.

From the article by Angus Taylor:
Jamaican jazz guitar wizard, founding father of ska, and all-round music legend Ernest Ranglin doesn’t put his seal of approval on any old album. So the presence of his handwritten sleeve notes praising the debut from former Aswad member Clifton “Bigga” Morrison’s Skatroniks Jamaica tells you all you need to know.w
Featuring a crack team of seasoned musicians (Bigga on keys and vocals, Don Chandler on bass, Kendrick Rowe and Tony Uter on drums and percussion, Alan Weekes on guitar, and hornsmen Brian and Trevor Edwards and Jay Phelps), Skalsa #1 reminds us why the first Jamaican beat to “go international” sounded so good.