Monday, October 04, 2010

Sonic Headlines

Some music and news from the electronic, beats, world and rock world:

Bristol, UK producer Pinch celebrate his label Punch Drunk's fifth anniversary with an excellent 2CD compilation. Worth The Weight sees music by PD vets Pinch, Jakes and Peverelist presented next to the label's latest roster additions Guido, Hyetal and Dubkasm plus established associates like Appleblim and Joker.

Punch Drunk's sound has walked parallels with South London's DMZ: The two labels share a passion for presenting sparse, reggae-influenced sub-bass laden tracks on vinyl releases. But Punch Drunk has also branched out into techno and lazer bass territory, allowing experimental expressions into their fold. The comp is a great overview of all of this and more. Read my upcoming review in XLR8R (Dec/Jan) for more on the background and offerings.

New York breaks and dub crew Sub Swara bring forth their new album Triggers November 9 on Low Motion Records with guest appearances from Dead Prez, Lyrics Born, Freddie Mills and more.

Here's a download preview of the excellent, high energy hybrid dubstep track "Bend You" (courtesy of The Fader via Terrorbird).

Fans of their previous album Coup d'Yah will note a significant evolution of their sound, its more intricate and headphone friendly yet still as potent for the club setting.

Another cat who should be making a lot of noise in electronic circles real soon is outstanding Denton, TX producer Blixaboy. His sound marries lush electronics, abstract dub and bassy sounds in a bluesy twilight soundtrack.

Download the killer single "Sci-Fi Jack" (via XLR8R).

Listen to a stream his whole new album Kliks & Politiks (self released on Oct 19) here.

His music credentials are deep too: He founded the Laptop Deathmatch competition in Dallas, TX, and was crowned champion at the 2010 SXSW Laptop Battle. He runs Dallas' Ableton user group and has performed with Glenn Branca's 100-guitar ensemble numerous times.

How about those LA boys B+ and Coleman over at Mochilla. The film and music company have gone east and brought us the Sounds of Al-Mashriq: The Land Where the Sun Rises, a mix of music from Arabic North Africa and and Middle East. From the press release:
Mochilla has had the opportunity to visit Lebanon and Jordan twice within the past year, as well as Egypt most recently. We were invited by our friends Nasser Kalaji and Laith Majali of Immortal Entertainment to play our music in Beirut and Amman, and to experience for ourselves how life is at this incredible cultural crossroads. Read more here...
And get the free audio download here...