Thursday, December 23, 2010

Love For Earth Volume 1 mix

In 1995 I was living in a studio apartment on South Cloverdale Street near West 6th St. in mid-town Los Angeles. I had two Techniques decks set up on milk crates, an archaic handed-down Numark mixer and a cassette deck. It was on this set up that I recorded my first formal mixtape, live in one take to cassette, tape hiss and all.

The original tape copy was brought to Smitty, a rave music tape duplicator based in San Fernando Valley, who I paid to press up around 200 copies.

At the time I was DJing with DJ Jun from Umoja Hi-Fi at Nova Express (opened '93, closed '08) on Fairfax Blvd, a late-night coffee & pizza cafe. Our night was called Goa Dub, one of the first club nights to feature ambient, trip-hop, dub and downtempo music in an all-ages after-hours space (most weeks we DJed till 4 a.m.).

The music on the mix I've posted here represents many of the tracks and moods of the time. For whatever reason I don't have a copy of the track listing but I know that some of the artists that I recognize include Mad Professor, DJ Shadow, Manesseh, A Guy Called Gerald, Funki Porcini, Fila Brazillia, Edge Test, Sub-Surfing, Bandulu, Biosphere and others.

Side One: Liquid is a mostly beatless ambient and dub affair. [60mb, 43 min]

(download) Password = liquid

Side Two: Solid is trip-hop, downtempo and jazzy beats.[61mb, 44 min]

(download) Password  = solid

Also: Look for Love For Earth Volume 2: Indian Summer Jazz an apparently sought-after mix, to be posted shortly followed by other cassette-only DJ mixes made between '94 and '99.