Monday, December 17, 2012

T.O.K. Call Out with The Voice

Reggae dancehall quartet T.O.K. are back with a new one-drop song, and its accompanying video was filmed in Israel, in the Middle East. "The Voice" is a inspirational song about persevering in the face of depression and hardship.

The track, produced by Pot of Gold productions, will be released in late December on the "Hold A Medi" riddim.

The video and song take on a timely component for many in the US, following the school shooting tragedy in Connecticut. The song's lyrics talk about how an inner voice can be a "light" in the darkest night. Watch the video for a surprising message from the Israeli directors at the presentation's end.

T.O.K. have struggled in recent years with inter-group squabbles and a campaign to ban their live performances by gay rights activist groups opposed to the quartet's controversial dancehall hit "Chi Chi Man." Throughout T.O.K. have remained active, recording new material and seemingly remaking their image for international audiences.

Get the song, and watch the video below.