Monday, August 12, 2013

Dub Club: Shaking The Foundation Part 1

Tom Chasteen from Los Angeles' Dub Club crew along with Stones Throw records have released Foundation Come Again, a 20-track compilation of classic Jamaican DJs on heavyweight rub-a-dub riddims.

We interviewed Chasteen recently for United Reggae Magazine – that piece will be published soon. In the meantime, check this preview and out takes from the interview!

Dub Club: Shake The Foundation (excerpt)

"In music, time doesn’t really exist. If it sounds good, it sounds good. If humans could dance to this music at one point in time, they can dance to it at another point in time." -Tom Chasteen
Tippa Lee
Since artists were now regularly rolling through the Dub Club for shows, Chasteen would make time to record them on his rhythms, building up a stockpile of tracks. “As artists would visit like Big Youth, Brigadier Jerry or Tristan Palma, I would record their vocals on these instrumentals. I was tracking them all the time.” The idea for a compilation project was floated to Chasteen’s friend and Stones Throw Records founder Chris Manak (a.k.a. Peanut Butter Wolf), and the album was given the green light.

“At a certain point Tippa Lee made a trip to Jamaica,” says Chasteen. “He brought the instrumentals down and organized recording sessions at Mixing Lab studio in Kingston. It was a lot of rarely heard artists, and people that can’t travel to the US,” he says of the collection’s deep line up of vintage toasters. “That’s how we ended up with people like Errol Scorcher, Tullo T and Little Joe.”

Be checking United Reggae for the full interview soon!

(L-R) Trinity, Chasteen, Ranking Joe
Dub Club Interview Outtakes:

What’s been the reaction of the artists to getting to perform at the Dub Club?
For a lot of them, it’s their first show in California so it is special, but they’ve toured other places. A lot of them play in Japan and Europe regularly. There are fans who come to the shows who have been collecting their records, and they stand there and can’t believe it, their hearing this voice they’ve heard for 30 years and he sounds just like it. 

Honestly, a lot of people who come to the club don’t know the artists, not like a DJ or record collector but they just love seeing the artists because it’s great music. The music just grabs you right away. And these artists are really superb performers too. Like Trinity– that’s an entertainer! He starts off with an amazingly dramatic Yabba You song; then later, when he plays “Three Piece Suit,” he just jumps into the crowd and singing the song out on the dance floor.