Monday, October 03, 2005


(William Parker)

Like putting up Christmas decorations before Halloween, posting a Best of the Year chart before December is frowned upon in the music crit world. However, I've learned that record labels are unreliable–even if they're saving their best album for release in October or November, if its really that good, they'll go ahead and re-release it again in March of the following year, and milk it for twice the publicity. All the better reason to post this humble non-numerical list of records worth keeping in Dot-Cinco. Don't get your skivies in a twist, just hit me back on the comments link and let me know what you agree or not with.

Top Ten Albums For 2005

Amusement Parks on Fire–S/T (Filter)
From Nottingham, the reincarnation of Ride, just in time.

Morgan Heritage–Full Circle (VP)
The Royal Family of Reggae produce an album full of singalong roots anthems.

Spacek–Space Shift (Sound In Color)
A soul singer with an asthmatic tone whose music is Elliot Smith doing Marvin Gaye.

Dubstep Allstars Volume 2 (Tempa)
Lurking, hollow, and low to the ground; dub minimalism as envisioned by modern British pirates

William Parker–Luc’s Lantern (Thirsty Ear)
Parker harbors no periodic nostalgia, he just plays jazz on the egde, and with class.

El Michael’s Affair–Sounding Out The City (Truth & Soul)
A band that reveres Cymade as much as they do The Undisputed Truth; their instrumental soul testifies gloriously.

Kirk Degiorgio Presents As One–Elegant System (Versatile)
Evoking liquid tranquility, like Detroit techno dipped in a natural hot spring.

Reggae Hits 34 (Jet Star)
Two discs of classic and modern roots dancehall, with future stars like Hero, Anthony Q and Turbulence.

Out Hud–Let Us Never Speak Of It (Kranky)
Disco punk having a fever dream, all shakey, sweaty and deleriously danceable.

Platinum Pied Pipers–Triple P (Ubiquity)
If all R&B had this much adventerous poise and creative honesty, we wouldn't hate the Billboard charts as much.