Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Autumn Mix

Sorry if you missed it, but Autumn Mix has been de-loaded, but only to make room for other mixes in coming days and weeks. One of those will undoubtedly be a dubstep mix, seeing as my much anticipated (by me primarily) gig at the Grime City night got quashed after the owners of Nickies bar went erratic and canceled for the n-th time.

Don't get me started on how this lower Haight bar could and should be the center of that neighborhood's club life, if any of their three owners in the past four years had a clue. This was, afterall, the club the gave birth in 1992 to Luv N Haight Records, the label that became the BBC-award-winning So Cal entity Ubiquity Records. Anyway, Nickies continues to waste away needlessly like a junkie on bad smack. Its a joining a collection of bar "relics" in the Lower Haight, all shadows of their formerly rip-roaring selves. Alas, the best bars of one's youth, like our friends, rarely last.

Tracklisting For Recently Posted Autumn Ambient Mix:

Time of Running – Kettel
The Pointe of It All – Fennesz
Chant Them Down To The Ground – Dub ID
River Man – Brad Mehldau
The Fly – David Axelrod
Equipoise – Max Roach
Instrumental – Ali Farka Toure
Half Moon – Double Identity
All India Radio – All India Radio
Tomorrow (Scsci9 Remix)– Superpitcher
Halloween – Robin Guthrie And Harold Budd
Until – Songs Of Green Pheasant
Iconography – Max Richter
Goodbye Forever – Arovane