Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Damadola Response

Headlines come and go. Sometimes they grab your attention for a second, sometimes for a minute, other times not at all. In the blur of daily news items politically minded readers' interest may have been piqued by the report of another US air strike in Pakistan aimed at taking out a high level terror suspect.

When the story broke on CNN and other news-on-demand outlets the strike was attributed to the CIA. Later, when it was revealed that the intended target, Al Qaeda lieutenant Ayman al-Zawahiri was not killed, the spin began. Now there is conjecture about who actually carried out the strike in which 17 civilians died.

Rather than let this headline fade into the tide of bloody US military "errors" I have created a petition to be delivered to Democratic Leader of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA). If you are tired of the CIA and Pentagon's lack of accountability when innocent people are killed under the banner of the "war on terror" I urge you add your name to the chorus of the conscious. Simply click the highlighted link below to go to the petition.

A Petition To Protest The Bombing Friday January 13 in Damadola, Pakistan.

To: Representative Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic minority leader.

Dear Representative Pelosi,

We the undersigned urge you to formally protest the botched attack in Damadola, Pakistan in which 17 innocent civilians were killed. We ask you to open formal investigations into who was responsible for the attack and demand compensation for the victims of this horrible event.

The American people have been silent for too long when honest civilians have been maimed killed or tortured in the crossfire of the US war on terror. Too many people in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere have been killed by US forces simply for being in the wrong place at wrong time when inaccurate munitions are used.

We demand accountability for the January 13th strike, and appropriate US aid to the affected village and its victims. If we don’t stand up now and say “enough” hundreds and thousands more people will needlessly endure these horrible bombings.

Sincerely, The Undersigned.