Saturday, February 18, 2006

Large Up Tha Crew

Just saying respects and 'up's to everyone who made Friday's Grime City a huge success.

X-amount of respect entirely to the whole B.I.G. Crew who represented all sides and facets of UK grime, garage and dubstep.

A quick recap: DJ The ONE did his thing early via Serato + his laptop and really got the crowd bubbling to some brand new business This DJ has mad amounts of fresh grime vocal tracks--which he plays expertly.

Next came DJ Munk who can rock dubstep and instrumentals like nobody's business. While he got squeezed into the shortest set of the night, Munk raised the crowd's temp. nicely.

DJs Jamin Creed, the turning-27 b-day boy Megatron (full cake and song at midnight for him) and one of the Bay's smoothest mixers Subtek tag-teamed viciously, bringing all kinds of styles and flavors of grime and dubstep to the crowd.

MC Child was in rare (and sober) form; his lyrics danced fluidly through our ears. Originally from Brixton, Child has been repping and paying dues in the Bay for some years now, and looks to break out on a national level on both sides of the Atlantic. Nuff lyrics, trust!

Yours truly, unleashed two new tracks from his Dub ID alter-ego, including the previous post here "Omar's Back" and a new track in progress called "Spear Dub." I think you can imagine what roots reggae artist was sampled for that track... A post soon come on that one...

Although Anu's soundsystem is paltry, the music came through loud enough to be appreciated and a healthy dancefloor was in effect all night. Big respects to Ivy from 5lowershop getting down all night with nuff positive vibes.

If you didn't get enough, check the weekly Grimewave Radio program BIG do every Friday on Western Addition Radio .