Thursday, March 02, 2006

News & Ting

Will she bus'?

Will Macka Diamond, whose debut album Money O! drops on Greensleeves next month, break the international monotony of male DJs (like Sean Paul) on the charts? I, for one, hope so. The erstwhile Ms. Lady Mackerel tun' dollar-dress wearing diva is currently slicing the charts up with "Ugly Man" on the Don Corleon-built uptempo "Sweat" riddim.

Also coming in hat is Buju Banton's EP sampler for his next album on his own Gargalmel Music."Pressure Dem" rides the original "Cuss Cuss" riddim to great effect. Run-a-come-come-come! Pressure dem, Cho!

Dubstep Forum is still the best spot to d-l truly ill Rinse-FM sets and other dubstep mixes. We're talking wigs blown–especially by the N-Type + Hatcha & Benga set featuring MC Crazy D. On that tip, don't sleep on the new double-12" from this man:

Skream's "Skreamizm Vol. 1" is as loaded as dubstep gets and then some. Lets call it the genre's first perfect EP. I still rate Horsepower Productions In Fine Style as the genre's guttiest long player. Lookout though as Dubstep All-Stars Volume 4 mixed by Kode 9 is almost upon us! Ee-woy!

If you're needing a reggae update or three--get Gmail, and join the Google reggae groups daily digest. All kindsa links in deh, such as the Jamaican Top 30 singles chart, and how to get all the reggae news in RSS. If that's not enough, check Jamaican Observer's bi-weekly Record Rack column, then you fi know!

For now--hold tight good people. I'll have to regal you with reflections on subbingclasses in a preppy SF city high school school (its good and bad), volunteering as an English TA in struggling public school (rewarding beyond belief). Kids is loosing y'all, and this time the government and the people are to blame.

That, and how I'm soaking up page after page of Nelson George's masterful early '90s tome Buppies, B-Boys, Baps and Bohos. Hell yes its required reading for all ForwardEver acolytes, dig? From Magic Johnson, to Harlem druglords, a telling history of East New York, Queens and Brooklyn in the 90s, George got you covered. He's even down with Eazy.