Monday, May 08, 2006

Passing Time, Passing Thoughts

In brief:

Just got back from the Ave, a half marathon run in Humbolt County (see above photo for backdrop). I ran 1:27, which was the goal time, so, happiness about that. Funny thing was staying in the lodge underneath the biker bar, where the night of the race Rogue, a Sacto hard rock band, played a three hour set of whiskey-soaked R&R classics (Zepplin to Skynyrd) till the wee hours assuring us runners slept little. Talk about rural wild life.

You may not have heard about it, but when Bush toured Northern California a few weeks back he was met by protesters at every stop, including many who stayed up all night to be there for the motorcade's 20-second drive-by. Bush was eventually prevented from making his Hoover Institute speech at Standford University when protesters blocked the road into campus.

The new Granta literary quarterly contains its usual sharply written examinations--this time of God and nationhood, plus an exceptional photo essay about tetraplegics that will make you appreciate everything you take for, em, granted.

As for ForwardEver: coming this week, a dubstep mix, a look at recent riddims (some hot retro business pon road) and hopefully the first of three big Jamaican dancehall artist interviews exclusive to this site.

Till then, old tight.