Thursday, November 23, 2006

Umoja Radio 2: Always Thankful Mix

(Anthony B & Turbulence are in the mix...)

Thank you all those who downloaded the mix. More soon come!

Umoja Sound “Always Thankful” 72 minute Reggae Mix

Barry Isaac–Warmongers–Reggae On Top (Warmongers)
Warmongers Dub
Earl 16–My Fathers Eyes–Rads (Ole Vampire)
Nerious Joseph–Ole Vampire–Rads (Ole Vampire)
Ole Vampire Version
London Rock Version
Turbulence & Higher Trod Family–Why Oh Why–Black Scorpio (London Rock)
Gentleman–Flesh and Bone–Black Scorpio (London Rock)
London Rock Version
Mike Brooks–Beware Beware–Teams (Beware of Bad)
Natural Black–Love Gonna Conquer Evil–In The Streetz (Mo Bay)
Lutan Fyah–Stand In My Way–In The Streetz (Mo Bay)
Turbulence–Go Down Babylon–In The Streetz (Mo Bay)
Sizzla–Stop All This Violence–In The Streetz (Mo Bay)
Chezidek–Have No Fear–Maximum Sound (Zion Train)
Prince Malachi–Jah Nah Sleep–Maximum Sound (Zion Train)
Lukie D–More They Want–Maximum Sound (Zion Train)
Anthony B–Don’t Bus Your Gun–Maximum Sound (Zion Train)
Train To Zion Dub
Ras Shiloh–Rastaman Up In The Hills–Lionvibes (Ever Bless)
Chrisinti–Eyes To See London–Lionvibes (Ever Bless)
Fantan Mojah/Mr. Flash–No Mercy–Lionvibes (Ever Bless)
Ever Bless Dub Mix #11
Chezidek–Inna Di Road–Massive B (Jah Love)
Norrisman–Precious–Massive B (Jah Love)
King Kong–Ethiopia–Massive B (Jah Love)
Glen Washington–Hooligan–Jasfar (Hooligan)
Lloyd Brown–No More–Jasfar (Hooligan)
Freddy McGregor–Just Take Your Time–Lustre Kings (Red Razor)
Norrisman–Where The Wind Blows–Lustre Kings (Red Razor)
Midnite–Hymns–Lustre Kings (Red Razor)
Red Razor Version
Junior Kelly–Jah Accept Me–Hi-Score (Green Heart)
Ninja Ford–More Than That–Hi-Score (Green Heart)
Promoe–Humblin Experience–Hi Score (Green Heart)
Fantan Mojah–No Ordinary Herb–Hi-Score (Green Heart)
Luciano–See Them Railing Up–Yellow Moon (Fyah)
Fyah Instrumental

Mixed By DJ Tomas for Umoja Soundsystem S.F.

Shouts and big respect to: DJ Daz, Jun and Culture D at Umoja Sound HQ in LA, Cokni O’ Dire (Umoja Dallas), Stevie G—outta captivity!, I&I empress RR The Euphonic Lover, respect due Ernie B, Wisdom Records, JunoUK, Jah Warrior Shelter crew, Massive Sound International’s Spliff Skankin and Robert Rankin’, hail di champion Dwayne DeRosario (MLS Cup 2006 winner), RudeGal Corrie in LA, Live & Love Sound, man like Lee Smart Move, Blood & Fire Dom in Manchester, Jacquie Juceum ca’ she so Dancehallminded, shouts and love to KUSF’s Brixton Hitman and Humble Lion, big up J-Boogie, the ital duppy Mr. Ross Hogg and DJ Neta, can’t forget the Shockman, DJ Vanka and Professor Smith at XLR8R, large up all Voltage Music supporters, supreme respects to Massive B in NYC, and all the Jamaican and UK labels that made this humble mix possible. Bigga vibes, love & unity to all supporters of Umoja Sound worldwide. Check Check:,