Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Listen To The Process

Props to one of the most intriguing and philosophical music blogs on the Web for commissioning a mix from the ForwardEver camp.

As a result, you can download a new 90 minute DJ mix by yours truly, exclusively at Modifyer.

Thank you to Modifyer for providing the forum and idea for this mix. Restriction is the absence of freedom; Pharoah Sanders sings “you’ve got to have freedom,” and I agree. Here’s to freeing up the mix. To stepping out of minimal, maximal or whatever genre box we wall ourselves inside of, and, through a process of personal and community evolution, chart new freedoms in our music and our dance culture.

The Process Mix
01. Domu–Quarantine (New Religion) 118
02. DJ Spinna–We Can Change This World (Papa) 118
03. Listen To The Music–Reckless Woman (Out of the Loop) 120
04. Kahil El’Zabar–Running In The Streets-Charles Webster Remix (Deeper Soul)120
05. Rockers Hi-Fi–Push Push (Different Drummer) 120
06. Brooks–Clicks (Mantis) 121
07. Baseline Road–You Will Find It (Nordic Trax) 120
08. Theo Parish–Solitary Flight (Sound Signature) 122
09. Agora Rhythm–Circles (Nite Grooves) 123
10. Harold Heath–One More Try (Groove Pleasure) 124
11. Parov Stellar–Primavera (Auris) 125
12. Vincenzo–Can You Feel What I Feel (Dessous) 126
13. Soda Inc.–Flight SU 118 (Shayan) 126
14. Total Science–Sugar Sweet (Head To Toe) 127
15. Iz & Diz–Happy (Hudd Traxx) 127
16. Nubian Mindz–Casablanca (Irma Unlimited) 128
17. Cio d’Or–4 Men Terror (Treibstoff) 128
18. Maddslinky–Dark Swing (Sirkus) 130