Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Caught UP: The Next Chapter

Reminder: Check the FE Scrolls roll and click Pon Di Wire (link updated weekly) & catch up reggae biznez weekly Wednesdays.

Other news:

--Nice video interview with the newly free Jah Cure on the "Caribbean YouTube" WatchMi. If case yu neva know: The Jamaican music video scene is exploding right now.

--Techno dub artist Beat Pharmacy has a new single out on Francois K's Wave.

--Justin "Lionrock" Robertson's funky club mix of Trojan Records classic "Sweet Inspiration" by the Pioneers is out now. Listen here. The track is one of several Trojan remixes coming out in honor of the label's 40th anniversary this year. Mixes by IG Culture, Cosmo and Fatboy Slim are due out soon.

--By the time you read this reggae legends deejay Trinity and singer Tony Tuff will have made a rare appearance together in LA at The Dub Club. Mi jealous!

--I'm feeling: DJ Spinna's house remix of Tortured Soul's "Why". Spinna keyboard collaborator Tiklah a.k.a. Victor Axelrod's new album Ticklah vs. Axelrod (Easy Star) drop September 18.

--Also bubblin': Sun Tzu Sound's EP #2 featuring AC Lewis ft. N'Didi Cascade's "Tickles–Domu Remix". Lovely.