Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Umoja Reggae Mix

(Jah Cure, Bitty McLean & Anthony B are all "in the mix")

All nice and decent people...DJ Tomas of Umoja Hi-Fi International Soundsystem presents: Umoja Summer Reggae Mix! A 70 minute selection of new and classic cuts.

Grab the download here (password = umoja).

DJ Tomas presents: Umoja Summer Reggae Mix (70 min)
Bitty McLean – Walk Away From Love (Peckings)
Shinehead – I Do Love You (white)
Richie Davis – Since We Broke Up (Peckings)
Alpheus – Keep The Faith (A-Lone)
Jah Cure – Sticky (Danger Zone)
Morgan Heritage – Plant The Herbs (Danger Zone)
Mr. Vegas – Burn It (Danger Zone)
Freddy McGreggor – Sentence (Heavy Beat)
Kashif Lindo – My Business (Heavy Beat)
Honorebel – Camouflage (Heavy Beat)
Delroy Wilson – Run Run (Studio One)
Sanchez – If I Ever Fall In Love Again (Stone Love)
Tony Curtis & Jigsy King – My Sound A Murder (Stone Love)
Bounty Killer – Roots Reality & Culture (Stone Love)
Daville – Tell Me Again (Stone Love)
Alborosie – One Day (Pow Pow)
Anthony B – Road of Life (Pow Pow)
Jah Mason – Open Your Heart (Pow Pow)
Cocoa Tea – Informer (Volcano)
Yellowman & Peter Metro – Gregory Free (Joe Gibbs)
Sammy Dread – Rude Boy (Hitbound)
Buju Banton – Bobby Reds (Penthouse)
Pinchers – Slaughter (Penthouse)
Tony Rebel – Send Me An Email (Penthouse)
Anthony Que – You Told Me (Teams)
Mike Brooks – Happy Times (Teams)
Jah Cure – Into Your Arms of Love (VP)
Magowan – Introspection (Camp Fire)
Perfect – Sweet & Black (Camp Fire)
Tanya Stephens – Glue (Camp Fire)
Wayne Wonder – Again (Birchill)
Anthony B – Not Mr. Easy (Birchill)
Daville – I Wish I Could Go Back (Maximum Sound)
Jah Mason – Things Will Be Better (Maximum Sound)
Anthony B – Just Can’t That Way (Maximum Sound)

Equipment list:
Technics 1200 MKII turntables
Vestax PMC 17A mixer
Sony MDR 7506 headphones
Ableton Live 6 software
Soundclash samples

Notes and comments: Big up all the Umoja Sound supporters over the years. 2008 will be our 15-year anniversary, so expect some big things. Shouts to DJ Daz (Umoja LA), Jun (Umoja LA), Culture D (Umoja LA), Cokni O'Dire (Umoja Dallas), Stevie G (Umoja Bali)! bigg-upp to: Dub Club LA, I&I Sound, DJ B-Love inn SF,all the selectors and blogs linked at ForwardEver, all the SF dubstep and roots massive and anyone I missed -- your chest!