Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rumble Jumble

Yeah its been a minute -- a lot of writing a 'gwaan. So without further adieu -- lots of info for your musical headz.


It's been a minute since I plugged the day job -- and it's firin', son. Get the word on national socially conscious news and activism, a virtual fist in the air to The Man. WireTapMag is the goodness, so make sure you click by sometime.

Speaking of web newness: Version 3.0 is now live, and its packed! Nuff dowloadables -- now that's what I can aural stimulation.

You know ForwardEver is down with its future soul. So check our recommends when we say the new Gecko Turner "Monosabio Blues feat. Eska" is so so fly. Philip Owusu, of Owusu and Hannibal on the remix doin' his galactic gospel thang...

(check Aklimatize's new Future Elements joint!)

12" nerds: For more multi-genre hottie electronic singles -- check the column for an update on Canadian broken beat from Aklimatize, Edseven's Aussie funk, and even -- gasp -- nostalgic German trance. Watch di ride!

Super special plug for my man TAKE. If you ain't heard his new Innercurrent album Earthtones and Concrete, you're missing '07's dreamiest instrumental chop-hop beats. Blissgroove for reals.

Following the success of Pressure's "Ghetto Life" single on the Baltimore riddim, I've been sifting though the reggae vaults in a newly rediscovered love for '80s Sly & Robbie. Dubs like this FE gift ("Real Love Dub") make it easy to hear why Mr.'s Dunbar and Shakespeare are it.

The more you dig into the Riddim Twins vaults, the more you know they're modern geniuses on a lot of levels. From Grace Jones to Dennis Brown, lovers rock and heavy dub, Black Uhuru, Bitty McLean and all their session work -- it really is all about Sly & Robbie! Don't forget, they even did an album with downtempo mischief-maker Howie B!