Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An FE News Blast

(Jah Cure's new album will drop soon)

For the latest on Jah Cure's new album, Jamaica's supercop Renato Adams and the closing of venerable UK record store Dub Vendor's flagship outlet, read the new Pon Di Wire column at The link is also updated in the ForwardEver Scroll section in the left column of this blog.

Special announcement for all politically minded, voting-inspired hip-hop heads: is about to jump-off. The website will open on August 1, with a major contest aimed at America's young voters aged 18-30.

Are you passionate about the issues facing America's youth?

Do you know a hip-hop head that wants to express their views on the election or national issues in the form of graf, a DJ mix, song, video or other hip-hop element?

Tell 'em to VoteHipHop, and visit on August 1.