Monday, August 18, 2008

Jamaica Aggregation

It's great to see Usain Bolt and his teammates do well in the Olympics. Media outlets are playing catch up trying to figure out how Jamaica could sweep events and dominate the track and field sprints so handily.

Here then are a collection of posts and articles that explore the phenomena of Jamaica and it's sprinters.

Christian Science Monitor (CSM): "How Tiny Jamaica Develops So Many Champion Sprinters." A thorough article and video that explores the training methods and origins of Jamaica's sprint programs. The video vividly shows that Jamaican athletes don't have it easy compared to America's well-funded fleet.

Sports Illustrated:"Why the Jamaicans are running away with sprint golds in Beijing" CNN/SI commentators on the JA sprint phenomena. They make some accurate points, and others which are downright simplistic.

Jamaica Observer: "Bolt, Walker bring more glory to JA" If your going to talk about Jamaican athletes, you might as well start with their national daily newspaper. Search their site for other commentary and interviews such these on JA sprinters and food and Usain's Dancehall links.

National Public Radio (NPR):"Bolt Bolts To Victory." A good audio profile focusing on Usain Bolt's rise, Olympic glory and insight into his personality. A balanced profile.

SF Chronicle: "Jamaican Sprinters on the Fast Track." A decent lengthy article that gives good context to JA's successes at the Olympics.

National Public Radio (NPR): "Jamaicans Revel In 100M Olympic Triumphs." A decent audio story from Monday August 18. It would have been better if host Scott Simon could have asked more in-depth questions and contained his smug giddiness. It's clear this anchor knows little about Jamaican history or culture outside of the typical "weed" and "bobsled team" stereotypes.