Sunday, July 12, 2009

Perilous Time: UPDATE!

In December 2008 I wrote about an album and song that ForwardEver had long been searching for.

(Read the original post about Mystic I's song "Perilous Time.")

I'm happy to report that the album, produced by Linval Thompson and originally titled Mysterious has been reissued by Mystic I founding member Anthony Johnson.

Here's the reissue's tracklisting:

1. Free Up (The Ghetto Children)
2. Perilous Time
3. Rich Man
4. Rich Man Version
5. Life Is Not Easy
6. Linger A While
7. One Jah Love
8. One Jah Love Version

You can hear Mystic I's "Perilous Time" song and the version by Trinity "Pope Paul Dead and Gone" below: