Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Bassman Come Forward

Jamaican musician Taddy P plays electric bass like an electric guitar. He solos, plays chords and lays down the bass parts all at once on songs that unite jazz, blues and roots reggae traditions in a contemporary style. Now this bass man who backs up UK singer Maxi Priest for a living is ready to stand in the spotlight himself, a role he's been preparing for since learning his instrument as a child playing his father's homemade guitar with fishing line for strings.
Taddy P may be a new name even for ardent reggae fans, but the bassist and song arranger is making up for lost time with a tremendous output in 2010, singles with Jamaica’s top vocalists and launching the Bass Ina You Face record label.
Below you can watch a video for his song "Leave The Crumbs Alone" with Mackie Conscious and recent his collaborations with Tanya Stephens and Third World's Bunny Rugs (hear the track below) are also sounding nice. Taddy P adds his own flavor to these tracks with dynamic bass soloing that recalls the flair and musicianship of ska guitar master Ernest Ranglin.

Taddy P is helping define a progressive new sound for reggae, a style that incorporates subtle outside influences but maintains a Jamaican foundation. Similar artists such as St. Croix's Midnite, NiyoRah, Pressure, Army and other Virgin Island artists, or Northern California's Groundation are forging this new ground.
Taddy P and Bunny Rugs "Monday Morning Blues"