Monday, January 17, 2011

Blog It Up!

Not a day goes by without a crucial tip, news item or other bit of info reaching the ForwardEver gates electronically via blogs and grassroots news websites. The reggae blog 'ting has been big for a minute now -- at least four years strong. Blogs and reggae news sites are where you'll catch up the latest on the Vybz Kartel cake soap saga or find an advance link to new tunes like the Beres/Busy "Tempted" remake.

Here's a shout to some recent posts that caught my eye and, lets say in general: Big Up Di Bloggers Dem!

Definitely up to the minute, crucial and straight to your device, which is nice, the folks at Dancehall Mobi serve up fresh news. Currently they feature videos from the much-hyped Buju concert in Miami (which is good 'cause rumor has it the $25 pay-per-view had its share of technical glitches). Mobi also has the i-fficial Vegas/Shaggy/Josie Wales "Sweet Jamaica" video shot by Jay Will. Nice.

Erin Soundclash has a really thorough 2010 re-cap in two parts. It's her blog's third annual round-up and I find that it always resonates on the right points.

Also crucial is Kiss My Teeth's take on 2010. It's full 'a "Vybz," if you know what I mean.

Speaking of sound clash -- Irish & Chin's website has been reigning lately with their video interview series, featuring everyone from Peter Metro to "Mrs Wayne Marshall" Tami Chynn. This is some of the best original Jamaican music interview-style programming out there, 100% grassroots and real.

And over at Dangerous Minds the always readable Ron Nachmann has a nice muse on MLK and roots reggae. Watch for his ZIon Train in depth post and video soon. Neil Zion Train mashed up a packed out Dub Mission club on Sunday with live digital dub and vocal support from Jah Warrior Shelter crew's Rocker T.

You'll also learn a thing or too at the (non-hippie) reggae (well, mostly danchall and bashment really...) Seen Site. Props to their edgy humor and stylish posts.

On the left column you'll see this site's recommended reggae news sites, or as we call them here, the Fire Links!