Saturday, April 28, 2012

Big Dance Inna LA With Digi Legends

Two legends of the "digital" dancehall era will touch down at the Dub Club in LA on Wednesday May 2. Veteran artists Carl Meeks ("Weh Dem Fah") and Screechy Dan will join New York sound crew Deadly Dragon and Dub Club LA residents for a night focused on great '80s and '90s dancehall sounds.

Carl Meeks' distinctive vocals and scorching singles on Sunset, Redman and Photographer labels were a staple of the late-80s original digital dancehall scene pioneered by King Jammys and the Firehouse Crew. Meeks has continued to record, including recent sides on new digi imprint Tuff Scout.

Screechy Dan hyped up the New York scene in the mid-90s with tracks alongside Shaggy, Baja Jedd and others, frequently rocking on both dancehall and hip-hop rhythms.

The Dub Club is a weekly DJ and live reggae music club taking place Wednesdays at the Echoplex in Echo Park district in Los Angeles.