Saturday, April 07, 2012

Man Free: Doc Reveals Jamaican Wisdom

Jamaica is on the world stage as never before. It's athletes, musicians and political struggles make the headlines and inspire both scrutiny and fascination around the world. With Jamaica's 50th year of independence celebrated this August, it's a perfect moment to examine the soul and culture of this inspired island.

Man Free, a new feature documentary by Kinsey Beck, depicts the wisdom and insights of everyday Jamaicans. The film examines the social fabric of Jamaica as told by ordinary people in their own words. Read more about the characters and synopsis in United Reggae's preview here. And check more about the film below. Man Free is available on DVD, Bluray and soon via digital download from the Man Free website.

From the Man Free website:

Man Free by Kinsey Beck takes a look into the lives of everyday people in the beautiful country of Jamaica. Told through the people themselves, the film takes a glimpse into the lives of people young and old as they fight politics, crime, drugs and more. From the colorful and spirited taxi driver called Master Blaster to the young woman in her twenties running her own bakery, Man Free sheds a light on real life in Jamaica. It's not all reggae and good times. It's a land full of conflict and struggle and a yearning for a better life. But through all the hardships, you come to realize Jamaicans are truly people of grace.
 Man Free trailer: