Sunday, September 23, 2012

Joseph Hill: Man of Culture

Joseph Hill, lead singer of the roots reggae trio Culture, passed on to Zion six years and a month ago on August 19, 2006. Like many reggae greats of the 1970s and '80s his work is still respected and revered by scholars. As you'll see from the videos below, Joseph Hill was a force: he possessed a distinct voice and his messages were consistently conscious.

Culture as a band continues via Joseph's son Kenyatta, who is more than an able leader and singer in his own right. Paired with original Culture backing vocalists Albert Walker and Telford Nelson, Joseph's son ensures that Culture's word-sounds remain powerful.

Here we reflect on the elder Hill's time with the band, through a series of live concert videos (courtesy of Fi Yah We blog).  Joseph Hill was at his best in the live setting and toured relentlessly. He was vigilant about connecting with fans and truly earning his living through music. And what great music it was, and still is.

Culture live in concert 2003. Click song titles to see videos.

Peace And Love (from the 1986 album Culture In Culture)
Lion Rock (from the 1982 album Lion Rock)
Money Girl (from the 1986 album Culture at Work)
Behold (from the 1978 album Harder Than The Rest)
I'm Not Ashamed (from the album 1977 album Two Sevens Clash)
Wings Like A Dove (from the 1992 album Wings of a Dove)