Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dubtonic Kru & Iba Mahr For Black History Month

Dubtonic Kru and  Iba Mahr  have teamed up for a brilliant new roots track in honor of Black History Month.

"Somewhere In Africa" speaks of the continent's importance and significant features, mentioning Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania and other countries, and the achievements of pyramids, libraries and great societies that have prospered in Africa.

As Luke Dixon keyboardist from Dubtonic Kru revealed via Riddimstream Media: "Somewhere Inna Africa is about our connection to the motherland and we wanted to proclaim that that is our home. We may not know our tribes but Africa is the connection that joins us all together. The greatness of the motherland is clear and we just wanted make people aware of themselves, their value and their history for Black History Month.”

Learn more about Dubtonic Kru at their official website.

Listen now!