Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Free Conscious Track: Plant Some Trees

Independent reggae artist Mackie Conscious is back with a new free track that promotes environmental, well, consciousness.  You can grab "Plant Some Trees" via Soundcloud.

The song features an original one-drop riddim with full instrumentation and layered vocals–in other words, quality modern roots!

Mackie Conscious is a great example of a hard-working artist who is active both on-stage and in the studio, as well as keeping up on his social media outlets.

Mackie released the following statement along with the track:

"During these times of inter-planetary and world change, we are facing major challenges facing the whole human family such as food shortage, GMO proliferation; global warming, land deforestation. I wrote a song that is an anthem for generating global food surplus, beginning with a local approach of growing what you eat and eating what you grow. As you listen, please make a commitment to help me plant some seeds right where you are at home, in the backyard, in the garden or kitchen."