Sunday, July 28, 2013

Syleena & Musiq: A Soul Reggae Preview

Neo-soul stars Syleena Johnson (daughter of legend Syl Johnson) and Musiq Soulchild have teamed up with Jamaican producer Kemar "Flava" McGregor for their own authentic reggae collaboration. The new album titled 9ine is out September 10 on Shanachie Entertainment.

Watch Syleena & Musiq discus the project in the studio.

Reggae R&B covers and remixes are nothing new. Think Singing Melody's Mario remake, or Alicia Key's "You Don't Know My Name" remix.

Of course Jamaican artists have been influenced by American R&B going back decades, from the first Jamaican recordings' New Orleans boogie shuffle influence, through early Bob Marley & the Wailers covers of the Impressions. More rare are American R&B artists adopting the reggae format for their own original music. That's what Syleena and Musiq have done, and judging by the strong first single, it might be a trend worth repeating.