Monday, October 14, 2013

Video: Cabbie Chronicles – A Jamaican Southpark?

If you don't know about the Cabbie Chronicles Jamaican indie cartoon series, you need to. Imagine a Jamaican Southpark, with all the pointed social commentary, off-key humor and foul language, and you'll understand the appeal.

Much like Jamaican Observer newspaper's witty and scathing Clovis cartoons, Cabbie Chronicles are able to poke fun at everyday life and social conflict in Jamaica with an honest but humorous point of view.

The award-winning series follows Delly the Cabbie and his regular crew of passengers. In the clip below, a few flashy dancehall patrons, an uptight uptown woman and an old timer who yearns for a return to British rule share the cab on the way to a 50th Jamaican Independence celebration. Watch how the cartoon cleverly injects Jamaican historical segments and a frank discussion of class in contemporary Jamaican society.

Read a full synopsis of the series on the Cabbie website. Enjoy!