Monday, October 09, 2006

Ghost Dance

Hatcha & Youngsta in San Francisco.

So whutz a dub fan to do on a night when Montreal's Deadbeat (~scape recordings) is performing live and DJs Hatcha & Youngsta (Tempa) are playing their first ever SF gig? You ride your bike to both of course.

As luck had it, Deadbeat was the early show, held at surround sound & light studio Recominent Labs. His set was mesmerizing, taking Jamaican riddims into the 21st century and twisting his live laptop compositions through the filters of broken beat and Sly & Robbie-style future-steppers. Awoh. Heavyweight.

Later, over at the Dark Room (which all minds agreed didn't have enough bass response), a buzzcut and babyfaced Youngsta spun big plates till'a marnin. His bredrin like Hatcha was screwface and gesturing impatiently about some vexation or another. Round 2 a.m. Hatch eventually played his dubs as well, and MC Jukali (Dubwar) kept things nice 'pon mic.

Man an man like Juju, Kid Kameleon, Subtek and sistah Audio Angel were roaming and winding up to the riddim. Was odd looking at the audience of Burning Man-type breaks heads, tribalized clothing and tats, and thinking what a different crowd this music draws inna Inglin. For real, would any of these newer fans be caught dead in a bashment?

P.S. : and this is a big PS for the regular FW readers--expect a big announcement from this page soon-soon. Bigger & better things a gwaan. For now, hold tight.