Tuesday, October 03, 2006

R&B Undercover

(Cassie wants you to tell her if you like it...)

For those that really know ForwardEver, you know that I've been a soulboy since day one...we're talking tuning in KSOL FM in '78, gettin my freak on to Teena Marie "Behind The Groove," and copping P-Funk's "One Nation" on 45 single the week it came out. As ancient as those facts make me, it's still about soul and R&B for this DJ (that's word to DJ Daz, Cokni and Al Jackson of the Soul Children).

(Donell is a gemini too...)

What's astonishing is the amount of original titles not making it into heavy rotation (but sure to cause a lot of heavy breathing, and the brilliant attention to soul tradition on display. For instance, in the mix set below, you'll hear distinct echoes of doo-wop and 60s balladry in the arrangement and chords used for "Get My Groove On." That's a gooooooood thing. Or how about Urban Mystic sounding like Kenni Burke or Lowrell with a touch of Jahiem? Word.

(Marques Houston has the sensitive thug thang down...)

Meanwhile the more modern sounding fare has a distinct hip-hop informed vibe, which makes it more than just reannimated New Jack Swing. Check these artists, and see if you ain't impressed.

Check the mix here.
R&B Undercover Mix:
Shabazz – Get My Groove On
St. Juste – The Game
Algebra – U Do It For Me
Emily King – Walk In My Shoes
Donell Jones Feat.The Clipse – I’m Gonna Be
J. Holiday– Be With Me (Clean)
Marques Houston– Favorite Girl [Album]
Urban Mystic – I Refuse (Divine Mill Groove Mix)
Cassie – Me And You (DJ G2 Outstanding Rmx)